Certified Pranic Healer. (Energy Healer)

What is the meaning of Pranic?  “Vital life force”

Pranic healing originated in India. It was found in ancient Indian Hindu texts passed down from generation to generation, practiced by sages and yogis to treat illnesses with energy in the body. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui brought the art of Pranic healing more into the mainstream in 1987, after studying it for 20 years. He worked closely with scientists and doctors to prove it can help to heal the human body.Pranic healing uses energy to help clients recover from a variety of illnesses.

Pranic energy comes from three different sources: the sun, the earth, and the air. You can also get Pranic energy from plants, water, and food. Pranic healing can teach you how to harness the power from these sources to live a happy and healthy life. People who practice Pranic healing believe that prana or life energy can help accelerate the healing process in the body

Pranic healing may help with a variety of illnesses, including headaches, depression, addiction, asthma, back pain, symptoms of cancer and arthritis.

During a session, it is crucial to keep an open mind. You can sit or lay in a way that relaxes you. The healer will scan the energy in your body to find troubled areas and ask you about the problems you are experiencing. He or she will then go through a process to cleanse your body of all of the negative and stagnant energy that can lead to or exacerbate health problems. You will be encouraged to continue sessions until the problem goes away.

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My goal is to listen to my clients and create custom programs for them depending on their personal requirements.

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