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500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher ODRY

Trained in the “Yoga in Daily Life “System

This system was created by Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda in the Classical path of Raja Yoga. During my 500-hour Teacher training I have firmly come to believe that yoga facilitates the connection between the mind, body and soul in a very simple yet profound way.

The health of the body is of fundamental importance in life. As the Swiss-born Physician, Paracelsus, very correctly said: Health isn’t everything, but without health everything is nothing”.

To preserve and restore health there are physical exercises (Asanas), breath exercises (Pranayama) and relaxation techniques.

Within” Yoga in Daily Life” the classic Asanas and Prayanamas are divided into an eight-level systems starting with the preparatory level of “Sarva Hitta Asanas” (Exercises that are good for everyone). Several special programs have been developed from the basic exercises like “Restorative yoga”, “Yoga for Diabetes”, “Chair Yoga for Seniors” among many others.

“Excerpt from the Yoga in Daily Life Book “

My goal is to listen to my clients and create custom programs for them depending on their personal requirements.

Available for personalized Yoga classes. By appointment only

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